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visits since 9/1/2005:
2012-2013 CSL Advanced
Time PostedDescriptionMore Information
05/29/2013 CSL-A Final exam prep.CSL-A Final-prep 05/13.docx
05/19/2013 CSL-A weekly communication - No Class next week, final exam the next weekCSL-A 2013-05-018.doc
05/13/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-05-011.doc
05/06/2013 CSL-A weekly communication- words recognition contest next week.CSL-A 2013-05-04.doc
04/27/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-04-27.doc
04/22/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-04-20.doc
04/11/2013 CSL-A weekly communication: Mid term on 04/13/13CSL-A 2013-04-08.doc
03/17/2013 CSL-A weekly communication- no class on 03/23 and 03/30CSL-A 2013-03-16.doc
03/10/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-03-09.doc
02/23/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-02-23.doc
02/18/2013 CSL-A weekly communication - New Year's celebration next weekCSL-A 2013-02-16.doc
02/02/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-02-02.doc
01/26/2013 CSL-A final prep.testCSL???A Final 01:27???13.docx
01/19/2013 CSL-A weekly communication. Final exam next week.CSL-A 2013-01-19.doc
01/12/2013 CSLA - weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-01-12.doc
01/05/2013 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2013-01-05.doc
12/16/2012 CSL-A weekly communication Thank you for a wonderful year. Happy new year and see you all next year!CSL-A 2012-12-15.doc
12/08/2012 CSL-A weekly communicationCSL-A 2012-12-08.doc
12/01/2012 CSL -A weekly communicationCSL-A 2012-12-01.doc
11/29/2012 CSL-A weekly communication CSL-A 2012-11-17.doc
10/28/2012 CSL-A weekly communication Oral test next weekCSL-A 2012-10-27.doc
10/21/2012 CSL-A weekly communication Mid-term and T/P conference next weekCSL-A 2012-10-20.doc
10/14/2012 CSL-A weekly communication - Teacher/parents conference rescheduled to the week after next week 10/27 in our classroom at 11:20CSL-A 2012-10-13.doc
09/29/2012 CSL-A weekly communication No class next weekCSL-A 2012-9-29.doc
09/22/2012 CSL-A weekly communication (week 3)CSL-A 2012-9-21.doc
09/16/2012 Opening ceremony next week (09/22)CSL-A 2012-9-15.doc
09/08/2012 Welcome back to schoolCSL-A 2012-9-08.doc
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